Tips For Choosing Artwork for Your Home 2023

What factors should I consider when selecting artwork for my space?” This is a common inquiry posed to interior designers. There are several principles to ensure the suitability of art pieces for your particular environment.

Another frequently posed question is, “What benefits does art bring to my space?” Art communicates volumes about your identity, reflecting your personality and values. It serves as a conduit for deeper connections with those who enter your space. Moreover, art is an investment that can accompany you through transitions, potentially appreciating in value over time. Notably, acquiring art doesn’t necessitate a substantial financial commitment; you have the flexibility to invest as minimally or extensively as desired.

For The Kitchen

Is it a good idea to have art in the kitchen? Absolutely! Don’t underestimate the kitchen as a spot for wall art.

Every kitchen is unique, so consider what style of art would fit yours best. The kitchen, often seen as the “heart of the home,” is an ideal place for art. You can display art on countertops or above cabinets. To keep it balanced, go for smaller pieces that add to the space without taking over. Consider using fun or social prints that bring a smile to your face each time you see them.

For The Bedroom

In the bedroom, it’s all about creating a serene atmosphere, and your artwork should match that vibe. Opt for landscapes, ocean views, soothing abstracts, or desaturated photos, as they bring a calming feel to the space.

When it comes to placement, the best walls for art in the bedroom are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite it. Choose large-scale pieces and hang them at eye level for maximum impact. Keep the frames simple and minimal—a gallery frame or canvases are excellent choices. You want the focus to be on the art itself, not the frame.

For Office Space

Whether your workspace is at home or in an office, incorporating art is an excellent way to add a personal touch and boost productivity. Consider creating a dynamic gallery by installing a floating ledge shelf above or near your desk. This shelf serves as a versatile display area, eliminating the need for multiple hanging points.

Think of your artwork as a mood board, reflecting your aspirations and motivating you throughout the day. Start with motivational art prints or pieces by artists who inspire you. Experiment with different sizes of art prints to add visual interest. For a clean, minimalist look, opt for uniform frames, or mix it up with diverse frames to infuse character into the space. 

For The Bathroom

Another room that often gets neglected is the bathroom. Artwork is the perfect way
to create a vibe for the space. For a powder room on the main level, use more fun and bright pieces. For a master bathroom, use more serene and calming pieces, such as artwork that features ocean views. A great way to display artwork in a bathroom is by choosing a set of two pieces and stacking them one above the other or placing them side by side. Good places for artwork in a bathroom would be over the toilet, or the towel, robe hooks and Bathtub,

Lastly The Living Room

The living room is more than likely the most fun room to decorate with art. At times, it could be intimidating due to the pressure of impressing, since your guest will likely spend the most time in. Choosing the right piece is important in provoking conversation and setting the feel or vibe of the space. Two good options would be to use a large-scale piece or a large gallery wall. You can opt for one large-scale piece or a large gallery wall. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

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